Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan says:

“The decision taken to means-test TV Licences for over 75s, overseen by the Government, is unequivocally unjust and the principle that it will target those that can afford it is deeply flawed.

It is estimated that 1.3 million of society’s most vulnerable people over 75 do not claim pension credit because they are unable to fill in the forms, do not have access to the internet or are simply not able to. These people, who are already among society’s most in need, will now have their free TV licence seized from them.

It is not only morally corrupt that the Government is initiating the scrapping of free TV licences for 3 million older people, it also contradicts their own manifesto pledge.

I recently wrote out to Portsmouth pensioners to hear their views and concerns. The response I received was both overwhelming and moving.

I now urge all people in Portsmouth to back my efforts to urge the Government to think again, take back responsibility for this social policy, and keep the current popular scheme for our city’s pensioners”.

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